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Discover a post-human planet in Trash, a beautifully crafted open-world action adventure game where strange and wondrous trash-based life thrives. Explore your surroundings with friends, solve puzzles, craft unique attachments and emerge from the heap.


In Trash, you play as a Morphite, a highly intelligent, self-aware, and adaptable creature. Craft and upgrade new forms and attachments for your own body and unlock increasingly useful alterations that will help you survive and thrive in Trash’s world. However, tread carefully: your decisions will have consequences and affect the world around you. Balance your body’s needs, strengths and versatilities with compassion and consideration for your environment.


Trash was born out of Technical director Nick Magerison and Creative Director Charlie Kenihan’s love for the environment, sustainability, and their joint love for exploring new worlds. Following the release of their first game I Want To Go To Mars in early 2020, they set out on a journey to recruit other passionate artists, developers, and marketing wizards. After a year of pre-production, the team secured first round funding for the production of a public demo to be released late in the year. 15 Minutes Of Game strives to create culturally relevant and impactful content. With Trash, the team is keen to creatively explore the important issues of climate change and sustainability, through an engaging and accessible gaming experience for all. We’re aiming to secure our next round of funding for our unique game once our public demo has been successfully released!


  • Explore: Discover challenge areas and solve puzzles

  • Evolve: Become the right tool for the job. Collect resources and craft unique body attachments

  • Together: Play with your friends online 

  • Recyclable: Puzzle-zones feature procedural generation. No two playthroughs are the same!


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About 15 Minutes Of Game


15 Minutes of Game is a Melbourne Based Indie games company, created in 2019 by designer Charles Kenihan & developer Nick Margerison. Passionate about creating unique high quality content, 15MOG specializes in creative, message based games. The studio has a broad skillset and promotes the use of young & upcoming local talent in the creation of their games. Since publishing their debut mobile title I Want To Go To Mars the team has set their sights on loftier, Trashier, PC ambitions!





Trashy Credits

Charlie Kenihan

Nick Margerison

Technical Director

Hayley Kumpis


Jake Archer

Audio Designer

Lise Leitner

Marketing & Community Manager

Seb Anderson

3D Artist & Animator