About Us

We are 15 Minutes of Game and we are dedicated to promoting the art and craft of videogames.

What Are We?

15 Minutes of Game (15MOG) is fast becoming an established studio in the Melbourne indie scene. We are a small team of developers that bring a diverse set of skills and ideas to the table. Our vision is grounded in the previous experience of our founders, in Social Work, Environmental Advocacy and Graphic Design. We have a unique vision for our work and strive to create entertaining games with meaningful messaging that have the power to inspire change. 

We’re dedicated to hiring young, diverse, and emerging local talent to help craft our games. Developing Trash has provided us with the opportunity to expand our team with immensely talented Victorian and Australian developers. Our team consists of a unique mix of creatives, with whom we share our vision for creating meaningful & beautiful games. We firmly believe in creating opportunities for those who might not have had access to the industry before, and are passionate about supporting our team to develop themselves both as individuals & as a team. 

It’s important to us that we create games that we love to play and connect with player communities who love to play the same kinds of games we do. Whilst we want our games to be grounded in our favourite genres, styles and experiences we remain ambitious in our goals and always strive to develop games with unique styles, features and opportunities for play. We believe that indie game developers play an important role in taking risks and creating unique games, pushing the medium to grow.

Who Are We?

We have a broad range of skillsets & promote the use of young and upcoming local talent in the creation of our games.


Charles Kenihan

Creative Director

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Charlie is Graphic, Web, 3D & Game designer with a passion for creating entertaining & meaningful content. Charlie is driven to craft content that has positive impacts on others and inspire change. His design experience & expertise ensures our work has a cohesive and unique design & aesthetic. He also has great hair. 

Nick Loki

Technical Director

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Educator, Youth Worker & Game Designer, Nick has a compassionate approach to game design, built over years of working with disadvantaged youth. Nick seeks to create worlds & discover beauty in realities he creates. His technical knowledge and skills ensures that our work is created & built to the highest standards. He's come a long way since venturing out of the Blue Mountains.

Yee Hui Wong


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Yee is an emerging and extremely talented animator, graduating with a Masters of Animation, Games & Interactivity from RMIT University. Yee has a unique and refined artistic style that compliments her ever growing technical skills. Be it 2D or 3D, Yee can breathe life into anything.

Hayley Kumpis


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 Hayley thrives when writing, updating & maintaining code. She has expertise in Netcode, Unity UI, 3D gameplay and AI development. She loves crafting fun and beautiful experiences that inspire these feelings in others. Her coding skills allow us to develop more defined and fluid mechanics & interactions.

Seb Anderson

3D Technical Artist

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Seb specialises in crafting & breathing life into assets & environments. Dedicated to their craft, Seb constantly strives to improve. Seb’s always dreamed of working in the games industry & Trash gives them that chance. His creativity and artistry helps our work realise its aesthetic potential.

Corey Taylor

Sound Designer & Composer

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Corey is a video game audio designer with 4 years of experience crafting unique and stimulating music and audio. He is passionate about creating dynamic sound systems that use adaptive or dynamic music along with sound design to create cohesive sonic experiences for the players.

Jon Cartwright

Production Consultant

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Jon’s been working in game dev & publishing for 30 years. He’s worked for companies like Blitz Games, THQ, KIXEYE, Prideful Sloth before becoming a consultant. He’s helped bring Australian games to screen agencies throughout the Asia Pacific region & is a game consultant for global publisher Team17.